Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fairy characters the children like more

The children of Tojais Kindergarten like very much stories, specially Fairy Tales, so they enjoyed this project even they have performed a parade of Princes and Princesses and they drawing the favourites characters.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

WHAT IS eTwinning? (Vanja-Germany)

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"What is eTwinning?

eTwinning is friendship.

eTwinning is a window to the world.

eTwinning is a journey.

Share your happiness is eTvinning.

eTwinning a children's party for friends.

eTwinning thought of the other.

eTwinning it has to not alone.

eTwinning is a letter in a bottle found on the shore."

Vanja Sacharjewa

"Какво е еТвиннинг?

еТвиннинг е приятелство.

еТвиннинг е прозорец към света.

еТвиннинг е пътешествие.

еТвиннинг е спеделена радост.

еТвиннинг е детско парти за приятели.

еТвиннинг е мисъл за другия.

еТвиннинг го има, за да не си сам.

еТвиннинг е писмо в бутилка, намерена на брега."

Vanja Sacharjewa

"Dear Vanja Sacharjewa, Ramona Bretfeld, Katrin Bohl, Sabine Böttcher (Kindergarden Sonnenblume, Potsdam, GERMANY), Congratulations! You have been just awarded with the Quality Label for the work you have done in eTwinning."

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

eTwinning project "Once upon a time..." : "One year we worked together in a very successful project! Thank you for the great work! " Your Vania

Dear Partner,

20.06.2011 of the project "Once upon a time..." will close. One year we worked together in a very successful project. Thank you for the great work! It was a pleasure and honor to know you and work with you! Much you appreciate and love!
With work on the project proved that Europe is our home and our children that charter no boundaries and prejudices they are foreign.

Together we can do anything!

Write me when you get the National quality label.
Your Vania

Скъпи партньори,

Hа 20.06.2011 ще затворя проекта. Една учебна година работихме заедно в един много успешен проект. Благодаря ви за чудесната работа! За мен беше удоволствие и чест да ви познавам и да работя с вас! Много ви ценя и обичам!
С работата си по проекта доказахме, че Европа е нашият дом и че зa децата няма граници и предубеждениятa са им чужди.

Заедно можем всичко!

Пишете ми, когато получите Hационалния знак за качество.
Вашата Ваня


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Children also worked Big book of the project. Each project activity undertaken during the school year and every story told by children is depicted in the picture. We collected all the pictures and make them ring in a huge book.
Our book "Once Upon a Time''!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pink Mouse! The mouse came from Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Portugal and England!

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Pink Mouse has invited her colleagues from Poland, England, Portugal, Germany and Bulgaria for brithday party. All invited showed up with brithday gifts, have sang happy birthday song and wished Pink Mouse all the best. They all had great fun and were partying long hours.

Polska wersja

Różowa Myszka zaprosiła na swoje urodziny koleżanki z Polski, Anglii, Portugalii, Niemiec i Bułgarii. Wszyscy zjawili się z urodzinowymi prezentami, śpiewaliSto lat” i życzyli Różowej Myszce wszystkiego najlepszego. Była świetna zabawa przez wiele godzin.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Die Kita-Leiterin aus Österreich, unsere Freundin und eTwinning-Partnerin Manuela Valecz hat heute Geburtstag!

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Ich hab mich so gefreut, dass ich weinen mußte.
Die Blues brothers ist meine Lieblingsmusik.

Workschop on Tales - "Frühlingswiese" / "Spring Meadow" (Ramona-Germany)

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"Es war einmal eine Blume. Sie blühte jedes Jahr auf einer großen Wiese. Die Kinder bestaunten die Blume. Eines Tages sagten sich die Kinder: "Die Wiese ist so groß, da passen viele Blumen rauf". Sie  pflanzen Blumen dazu. Im Jahr darauf staunte die Blume so sehr, denn sie sah ein großen BLUMENMEER."

"Имало едно време едно Цвете. То разцъфтяваше всяка година на една голяма поляна. Децата се възхищаваха на Цветето. Един ден  децата си казаха: "Полето е толкова голямо - ще побере много цветя." Те  посадиха още цветя. На следващата година Цветето се изуми, защото видя едно голямо Mоре от цветя."

Once upon a time a flower. It blossomed every year a large meadow. The children admired the flower. One day children said: "The field is so large - will fit many flowers." They further entrenching and planted many flowers. The next year  flower is stunned, because it saw a great Sea with flowers.